Fri, October 27, 2006

Dear Michelle and Jennifer:

I am glad to hear from you. I arrived in Pattaya , Thailand on Sunday night. Everyday i enjoy myself at the beach with delicious food of Thailand as i relax and await until next Tuesday when i will officially begin my work. But! Here is so hot. I am always sweating a lot. (Sigh~) I miss Switzerland ‘s weather. ^^
Finally, I am glad to be here. I wish one day I can meet you in Thailand . Welcome to Thailand and visit me please. ^^

很高興聽到您們得消息!我在星期天晚上抵達了泰國的 Pattaya ,我每天都很盡情地享受這裏的海灘、美食,放鬆心情以迎接下禮拜二即將展開的新工作!但這裏的天氣實在很熱,害我不停的在流汗(嘆氣~~)還真想唸瑞士的天氣^^我很高興能夠來到這裡工作,希望有一天能在泰國見到您們!歡迎您們來泰國玩唷!

yours sincerely,
P.S. Please keep in touch. ^^

Wed,25 Oct 2006

Dear Michelle and Jennifer:
How have you been? I am sorry to inform you late. As you know, originally I would like to work in Dubai but during last the month, Mr. Larmour and the international internship coordinator found another chance for me. They strongly recommended me to go to Amai Orchid Hotel in Pattaya , Thailand . I appreciate them for giving me the best chance. Amari Orchid Hotel is a four stars hotel but they will renovate to be a five star hotel . Currently, they are renewing the whole building and construct another tower to reach the quality of a five star hotel. I am very glad to be here. The hotel is changing and developing, I believe that I will learn a lot about the international hotel system and standard. I will officially start my job on the 1st of Nov. and my first position is in reservation. Later, they will rotate me to front desk. Because of you and HTMi staff members sup! port that I can be here. I will do my best of my capability and make use of what I learnt in HTMi and the Swiss experience and present HTMi and Taiwanese spirit. Thank you for everything.

近來如何? 很抱歉這麼晚才通知您們:上個月我原本要在杜拜飯店工作的,但 Mr. Larmour 強烈推薦我另一個在泰國 Pattaya Amari Orchid 飯店的工作,我很感激他們給這個機會。Amari Orchid 飯店是一個四星級即將升等成五星級的飯店,最近飯店內部正在重新整修並建造新塔以達到五星級飯店的品質,相信我可以從中學習到國際飯店內部的系統和準則,而我將會在11月1號正式開始我的新工作-訂房服務,之後便會調到櫃檯服務,因為您們和 HTMi 的支持,我才能在此發展,我會努力地將我在 HTMi 所學的知識,以及在瑞士實習的經驗應用在我的工作上,並展現 HTMi 和台灣精神!!

Yours sincerely,

Mon, 30 Oct 2006

Dear Mr. Larmour:
It`s already a week since i came to this hotel and i really say thank you for giving me this chance to be here. This week I was given an orientation of the whole system of the hotel. Honestly speaking, i have seen Amari Resorts and Hotels having a far view to be the best hotels in Thailand. They take care well of the guests and good renovated facilities. Each day i see how this hotel grows by itself ; especially the whole management team`s involvement to keep the staffs going forward. For me, my first phase is to learn Thai culture and it`s people, i had orientation classes and at the same time, I have to keep myself catching
up with their footstep. Now, I start to think as a manager and how i can be a good manager as well as applying my professional knowledge and skills i
obtained from HTMi and Swiss to improve the whole team spirit here. Suddenly, I know I am not a staff anymore but I AM A MANAGER. I don’t know
when i can be independent. So far, I have strong feelings that I want things to be perfect but I don’t have enough knowledge and experience.I will try my
best and I will cherish this chance with full of challenges. I don’t know how much I can get, but the only one thing I know and prepared is to go through tough times.

Deeply in heart and mind, I really thankful and grateful for giving me the best chance of my life. I won’t be a weak tired and lazy lady.I will do the best that I can do.

我已經工作一個星期了,非常感謝您給我這個機會來到這裡,這個禮拜我將會熟悉整個飯店的操作和運作。Amari 渡假村和飯店有著成為泰國最好的飯店的遠景,他們有新修的飯店設施並用心的照顧每一位顧客,我每一天都能看見她的成長,特別是整個管理團隊持續不斷的求進步。對我而言,現在最主要的目標就是好好的熟悉泰國的國情、文化、相處方式。並調整自己好跟上他們的腳步,而我也開始思考該如何將我在 HTMi 和瑞士的所見、所聞、所學,應用在我的工作上,來提升整個團隊。我突然領悟到,我已經不是一個單純的員工,而是經理了!我很希望能將一切事情都做到完美但發現我的知識和經驗都還不足夠,我會盡全力去做好每件事,並珍惜這些機會和挑戰。


Yours sincerely,