Karian Lin

Karian Lin

2011-12-12 16:49 HTMi 台灣學生分享心得

Dear all the new students from Taiwan: I’m PGD student this semester in HTMi. Next year I will be here be the MIT student so if you guys have any problem just tell me I will do my best for you. HTMi is a system of rigorous school. This school do a lot of research and event activities. So what I learn from this school? Before I come here I never use English to do the presentation and never ask a question in the class before but here you need to force yourself to speak. Studying in HTMi is not easy like other school but you really can learn a lot of hospitality knowledge when you prepare the presentation and report. And about the event you will be in different department in the event so you will learn different thing from different department. If you want to know more detail of HTMi can just add my facebook (Karian Lin) And also can see the event picture in my facebook.

親愛新生,我是PGD台灣學生,我會繼續下學期碩士,如果你們需要我幫忙,我會盡力協助。 HTMi 是一所非常豐富紮實教學訓練的學校,我在這裡學習許多研究方法及活動專案管理知識及實務操作,我來學校就讀之前,不曾用英語作簡報,在台灣的學校上課也不曾主動發問,你必須強迫自己講英文,在 HTMi 就讀不像其他學校簡單,當我們需要準備英文簡報及撰寫報告時學習到許多飯店及餐旅知識與實務簡報經驗,當我们準備 events 活動時, 我們必須到不同部門學習到許多不同部份知識與經驗,假如你希望了解有關 HTMi, 你可以加入我的 facebook “Karian Lin”, 你會看到許多我們辦活動的相片。All the best, Karian Lin