North Central Texas Academy 北德州中央高中

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  • 招收年級:招收6-11年級國際學生
  • 招收性別:男女合校
  • 短期就讀:提供兩週、四週、六週的短期就讀計畫(Study Vacation Program)。時間可根據情況調整(8-9月﹔1-2月)。接受團體報名。
  • 師生比:1:5
  • 簡介:NCTA位於達拉斯附近,為一所通勤與寄宿制大學預科中學。校園占地500英畝,設施包括校舍、體育場與體育館、宿舍、餐廳、會客間、馬術設施、農藝園區,以及各類教學設施。我們每班平均只有7人,師生比為1:5,人員由來自全美各地的師生組成,擁有100%的大學升學率。除了包含高爾夫、馬術在內的各類體育活動外,我們提供青年政府、商務社、學生大使、西洋棋社、音樂、戲劇與合唱團等各類活動社團。
  • 申請流程:申請者須完成線上申請及線上面試,到這個階段為止不需要任何英文檢定證明。
  • ESL課程:我們的ESL課程由合作夥伴The Language Company提供,由後者提供教師與課程,本校提供教學設施。
  • 住宿:本校為住宿學校,提供家庭風格的住宿區,而非傳統宿舍。每棟住房可容納8名學生,根據年齡與性別分配。並安排住宿家長照護學生的生活所需。
  • 課程:由AdvancED(Southern Association of Colleges and Schools)認證的紮實大學預科課程。






School Information

Short programsNCTA offers a short term (two, four, and six weeks) Study Vacation Program (SVP). The length of the SVP can be adjusted to fit the specific needs of students within the established dates of the program (August-September and January-February). Our school accept study groups.
DescriptionNCTA is a day and boarding college preparatory Academy located near Dallas, TX. The 500-acre campus includes the Academy, athletic fields and buildings, boarding residences, dining center, Guest Lodge, Equestrian Complex, agriculture area, as well as many other facilities that support the program. With small class sizes (average of seven) and student/teacher ratio (5:1), NCTA has enjoyed a 100% matriculation rate to college/universities across the country.
Application processComplete online application found at website and a Skype interview. At this time, there are not any minimum English proficiency requirements.
English as second languageNCTA’s English as a second language program is administered by our partner, The Language Company. The Language Company provides the teacher(s) and curriculum, NCTA provides the classroom space.
AccommodationNCTA is a boarding school with family style houses, not dormitories. Each residence houses up to eight students based on age and gender. Resident Parents are responsible for the care and supervision of the students in their residence.
CurriculumRigorous college preparatory curriculum fully accredited through AdvancED (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools).

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