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Since 1952, Cambridge Education Group has been delivering the highest quality academic, creative and English Language programmes, preparing thousands of students to progress onto the world’s leading universities.

We offer a wide range of options across our portfolio of global centres, each with its own unique features and qualities, enabling us to meet our students’ demands as required.

Whatever students aspire to, whichever college, school or centre they choose, Cambridge Education Group promises excellent teaching, premium facilities and the personal service our students demand.

Our students are central to everything that we do. Ensuring our students’ happiness both personally and academically through regular Personal Tutor sessions with an extensive support network is key.

We teach our students to work hard and smart with Higher Education advice on the best degree or university for each individual.

It is our focus on quality at every stage – and the outstanding success of our students – that has made us one of the fastest growing independent education providers in the world.







 0CATS Academy Boston

For over 60 years, we at CATS have been encouraging ambition, recognizing potential and allowing students to stretch their abilities while being nurtured in a challenging atmosphere that is also safe and well supported.

We now bring that well-proven ethos to Boston, one of the world’s premier study destinations where neighboring universities including Harvard and MIT help to shape CATS Academy Boston as the perfect academic environment.



ONCAMPUS Boston is based at Wheelock College – a compact and friendly private college campus in the heart of Boston.Students spend one year on the University Transfer Program, and upon completion have the opportunity to progress onto the second year of a wide range of US degree programs at one of ONCAMPUS Boston’s partners or other US institutions of the student’s choice.

ONCAMPUS波士頓設在會德豐國際學院 – 在波士頓的心臟地帶,一間小型且友好的私立學院。學生花費一年在大學轉學課程,完成後有機會在第二年的時間選擇ONCAMPUS波士頓的合作夥伴或其他美國機構之一學習。(集團網頁:



With its residential campus community, located in upstate New York, Morrisville State College offers the benefits of small-town life while still maintaining close proximity to cities like Syracuse and Utica. It is even just a 1 hour plane ride away from New York City! Morrisville State College is well known for its academics, superior degree programs and prime location in the heart of New York State, as well as its welcoming environment.


0 Stafford House International

Stafford House’s school in Boston, currently known as Boston Academy of English, is located right in the heart of downtown Boston within steps of Boston Common and the shopping district, students will be able to explore all the city to has to offer from the Charles River and Quincy Market to Fenway Park and the Freedom Trail – home to the American Revolution.

Stafford House’s school在波士頓,目前已知的是英語波士頓學院,坐落在波士頓市中心內,波士頓購物區的心臟地帶,學生將能夠探索所有城市提供資源,從查爾斯河、昆西市場芬威公園和自由之路到美國革命。(集團網頁:


0 Stafford House Study Holidays

We have a reputation for providing high quality English language and activity courses for junior and teenage students aged 10 – 18.

Our courses are based at university campuses or in prestigious boarding schools in centers across the USA: Los Angeles, Miami, New York, New Haven, San Diego.





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