History瓦岱勒歷史源起─ 35年的經驗,持續發展成長

35 Years of Experience, Coherent and Consistent Development

  • 1981 : Vatel is founded in France

In 1981, the first Vatel School opened in Paris. Convinced of the necessity of internationally targeted education in Hospitality and Tourism Management, Alain Sebban nonetheless decided to begin by consolidating the Group in France. For the first ten years, he established the Vatel model in France: Campuses opened in Lyon in 1984, in Nimes in 1989 and then in Bordeaux in 1994.

  • 1981年:瓦岱勒成立於法國(巴黎校區)
  • 1984年:法國里昂校區成立
  • 1989年:法國尼姆校區成立
  • 1994年:法國波爾多校區成立

1981年,第一間瓦岱勒學院在巴黎開設。由於深信國際飯店及旅遊管理具有特定性教育的必要性,Alain Sebban決定鞏固實力,開始在法國建立學院集團。第一個十年,他建立了瓦岱勒集團,分別首先於1984年,法國里昂校區成立,接著1989年成立尼姆校區,然後1994年波爾多校區建立完成。

  • 2000 : expansion of the Vatel model

Now all the factors supporting international development have come together: Vatel’s teaching concept, founded on the tried and tested mixture of theoretical courses and professional experience, is complete and sustainable; Vatel’s know-how, applied for the past 20 years can be transferred; last but not least, the hospitality industry confirms its international outreach and is booming. Alain Sebban thus decides to duplicate the Vatel School model throughout the world.

  • 2000年:擴大瓦岱勒集團


  1. 瓦岱勒的教學理念完整並擁有長久發展性:透過理論課程與實作課程的學習,將理論與實務做結合。
  2. 瓦岱勒申請了近20年的專利知識,終可以進行移轉應用,進而建立並應用於其他校區。
  3. 瓦岱勒確認飯店管理服務產業正在國際間蓬勃發展。

於是,Alain Sebban從而決定複製瓦岱勒學院的教學體制,將其推廣至世界各地。

  • 2019 : Vatel has 40 Campuses on four continents

Nineteen years later, Vatel Group has 40 campuses in the world and is planning on opening three others in China. Spread over four continents, they make up a unified and global network of higher education specialized in international hotel management. Today Vatel Group is the 1st Worldwide Business School Group in Hospitality and Tourism Management.

  • 2019年:瓦岱勒共有40個校區,遍及四大洲